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Sinclair Radiant™ Series

The Radiant™ Series is Sinclair’s next-generation family of panel antennas. This series provides outstanding electrical performance with flexible configurations, such as various beamwidth options, PIP, null fill, and etc, for different application scenarios. The rugged antenna comes with a hardened fiberglass radome for optimal protection against the outdoor environment to fulfill the reliability and durability requirements in the public safety, telecommunications and utility markets. It is carefully designed and tested so that the electrical performance is highly stable across the whole operating band to achieve excellent gain, beam control, isolation, upper sidelobe suppression, as well as front-to-back ratio. The Sinclair Radiant™ panel antennas also feature industry leading -150 dBc PIM rating for low noise characteristics, ideal for wideband 4G and trunking systems. The internal components of the antenna are fully DC grounded to offer excellent lightning protection. The RET (Remote Electrical Tilt) of this antenna is achieved through an integrated hot-swappable RCU (Remote Control Unit). The patent pending design of the phase shifter and the radiating elements allow this antenna to offer an outstanding performance in a highly compact form factor.

Optimal coverage and capacity

High gain, good PIM rating, multiple port MIMO, high isolation and optional null fill of the Radiant™ Series ensure you achieve optimal coverage and capacity. These panel antennas are ideal for multi-radio system and data consuming applications.

Easier network planning and optimization

This is achieved through consistent electrical performance across the band, remote electrical tilt control and optional mechanical downtilt clamps.

Public Safety Grade

Specially designed for harsh environments, the Radiant™ Series features outstanding reliability and gives customers peace of mind once installed. Rugged radome, Integrated and swappable design of RCU (certain models) and 5-year warranty ensures this public safety grade panel antenna is extremely robust.


Easy Installation, small and light design takes up less tower space, low tower mounting cost, rental fees, multi-band models all lead to cost-saving.


SP42 (698-869 MHz)
SP32 (320-344 MHz)