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The new Sinclair INTELLITUNE™ Series of Auto Tunable Combiners features an integrated control unit for fully autonomous frequency tuning to keep return loss to a minimum and optimize overall performance. This allows the combiner to be used in unconventional ways to satisfy customers’ unique needs. The auto tunable combiner is designed with high unloaded quality factor, wide tuning range, high linearity, high power handling capability, lightweight, compact form factors, and outstanding reliability. Remote control and system monitoring are supported via Ethernet/IP connection. The integrated user-friendly web-based GUI facilitates easy on-site configuration and remote access. The INTELLITUNE™ series TJA3 covers 350-512 MHz in the UHF band and comes in 2 or 4 channel base configurations, while the TJA2 covers 132-174 MHz in the VHF band with 2 or 4 channel base configurations. They are easily expandable to up to 32 channels by adding multiples of 2-channel slave units. The compact design of the TJA3 model makes the 2-channel module easily fit into a standard 4U high, 19-inch rack.

  • Wide tuning range backed by outstanding tuning accuracy

  • Quick tuning time

  • Comprehensive remote alarm monitoring including frequency, power, return loss, as well as antenna Tx power and VSWR of each carrier

  • Wide power handling range from 1 to 100 Watts per channel

  • Tx-Tx spacing down to 150 kHz

  • User-friendly web-based GUI

  • SNMP protocol compatible with most of the Network Management Systems

Tune on the fly

Sinclair’s INTELLITUNE™ Series of Auto Tune Combiners are 100% fully automated in detecting and tuning each channel to Tx frequency for multiple applications.

New Technology

The INTELLITUNE™ patent-pending design comes with cutting-edge technologies and optimized architecture for outstanding performance and reliability.


Customers can place an order and deploy this product even without prior knowledge of the precise TX frequencies. This is an ideal product for emergencies where flexibility and rapid deployment are key or systems that require the frequency to change form now and then such as aviation navigation.

Remote Monitoring

This Auto Tunable Combiner facilitates comprehensive remote alarm monitoring for all ports. Regular combiners usually do not have any monitoring capability. Additionally, secure user administration with role-based access control enables quick management of users and their access rights, giving customers peace of mind.

Easy Expansion

Easy expansion makes for a future proof communications system. A single controller can support up to 32 channels.

TJA3 Spec Sheet (350-512 MHz)
TJA2 Spec Sheet (132-174 MHz)

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