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With tower space at a premium and frequency congestion on the rise, mining communication projects have turned into complex systems that demand high levels of isolation and interference protection. In order to offer total solutions to customers, Sinclair Technologies provides […]

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From the front line: Critical Communications support during the Deepwater Horizon oil spill -Organizations involved in oil exploration see some of the toughest operating conditions imaginable. These dangerous environments require that you have plans in place should the worst happen. […]

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Sinclair Technologies was  chosen as a trusted supplier of private wireless communication systems for global events. G8 and G20 are two of the most important international forums where leaders from the world’s most powerful countries meet to discuss global issues […]

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A Guide to Basic Types of Cavity Combiners White Paper

Written by Michael Macki
Product Design Engineer, Sinclair Technologies


The cavity combiner is an important tool for joining multiple signals onto a single path or for separating these signals onto individual paths. This paper will describe how resonant cavities are used to […]

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Introduction to Filtering for Radio Signals

Written by James Reville, Technical Sales Engineer
Sinclair Technologies, a Division of Norsat International


Filters allow multiple signals to appear on one antenna. With proper filtering, an antenna can transmit and receive signals simultaneously and provide better performance. This paper is an […]

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CASE STUDY: Custom Duplexer Designed for Law Enforcement Vehicle Fleet Application

Access to reliable communication equipment is essential for law enforcement agencies where a short response time is critical in what could be a life or death scenario. Sinclair Technologies understands that reliability is always a major consideration in the design […]

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CASE STUDY: Radiometrics Partners with Sinclair Technologies to Design Custom Antenna

NASA had an aging radar infrastructure that needed to be replaced and upgraded. Radiometrics took on this project, but soon realized that they needed to partner with an antenna manufacturer who could meet the specifications of their custom engineered design. Radiometrics […]

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CASE STUDY: Sinclair Helps NAV CANADA Safely Move Millions of Aircraft

Updated: 04/28/2017

In 2005, NAV CANADA’s radar coverage of Hudson Bay was limited to line-of-sight (LOS) and did not cover the entire Hudson Bay area. The Company used VHF communication sites around Hudson Bay and HF communications for areas that were […]

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