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Sinclair presents next-generation SW models as part of the EXCELSIOR™ Series of mobile Omni whip antennas. Besides being an upgrade of the SVB models, these new VHF antennas are compatible with NMO mounts and they feature an optimized mechanical design and rugged material for extended life cycle in the field. The antennas are constructed with a new material that gives it an outstanding operating temperature range from -45 ℃ to +60 ℃, allowing their usage in broader applications. Fittings are constructed of stainless steel to inhibit rust and corrosion and are molded into the housing without the use of glue or fasteners to ensure a long-lasting, reliable product, even in harsh environments.

Impact Resistant

Whip antennas on the market are usually long and prone to snap or break upon impact with environmental elements.  Sinclair’s new SW whip antenna’s enhanced over-mold design uses extremely rugged housing material for prolonged durability in the field. It is also vibration-tested, unobtrusive and less prone to damage.


The newly designed accompanying NMO magnetic mount provides an outstanding pulling strength when being pulled both from the top and side, and it can withstand harsh environmental conditions with better secured mounting on a metal rooftop. This magnetic mount comes with a IP66 rating for water and dustproof, better than the significant competitors on the market. It is compatible with any NMO design whip on the market. It also provides flexibility with cable and connector customization.

100% Weather-Proof

Mobile omni whip antennas are constantly on the move and exposed to harsh environments on various fleet and emergency response vehicles. This SW series of the EXCELSIOR family comes with a IP66 rating, ensuring complete  protection against dust. It can also withstand heavy rain and water immersion up to 1m for 30 minutes, and wind speeds of 150 miles per hour. Outstanding operating temperature range from -45 to +60 ℃ , allows usage in wider applications.

Rugged Public Safety Grade

The redesigned, rust-resistant upgraded SW models are robust and built for public safety, fleet and emergency response vehicles of any type, in any environment, at any time. Outstanding reliability of the EXCELSIOR Series is backed by 5 year warranty.

Sleek Design

These sleek and aesthetically pleasing SW series whip antennas give vehicle fleets the range needed to communicate consistently.


The extra ruggedness means less damaged units, and less replacement, hence saving customer’s cost on parts and labor, more importantly, it means less communication system down time, and first responders can be worry-free when they provide critical services.

Model Frequency (MHz) Bandwidth (MHz)
SW-1482 132 to 174 26
SW-1560 138 to 174 36