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Marketing Collateral


Feel free to download our marketing collateral to get more information on our extensive product line.  Here, you’ll find product model and series specific data, key features, customization options and field application uses.

Please use these flyers and brochures in addition to our downloadable product specific spec sheets.

Each file is in PDF format and will download directly to your Downloads folder.

2015 Sinclair Corporate Brochure

2015 Transportation Brochure

2015 YA Systems Brochure

2015 Utilities Brochure

2015 SM Series Flyer

2015 Three Products Brochure

700/800 MHz Antennas

700/800 MHz Filter

Transportation Solutions

Stealthwave Antennas

Mobile Antennas

Low PIM Antennas

UHF Panel Antennas

VHF Antennas

OPTI-Q Cavity Filters

Hybrid Ferrite TCC Solutions



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