Sinclairity Newsletter – Sept 2016

/Sinclairity Newsletter – Sept 2016

Sinclairity Newsletter – Sept 2016

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*Repost from September 2016
In this issue: Intro | Product Spotlight | Highlights | Technical Training
Another edition of Sinclairity is here and we have been very busy since our last issue. Sinclair has some exciting highlights from shows we have attended, plus we have some great products and a webinar training series we would like to tell you about. Take a look and see what Sinclairity has to offer.
Product Spotlight – SM700
Key Features:

Broad Bandwidth
• 694 – 6000 MHz
Covers All Bands
• LMR in 700-900 MHz
• 2G, 2.5G, 3G, 3.5G, 4G cellular systems
• Dual band WLAN
Low Profile Design
• SM700 series features a compact low profile design
• Easily expandable to serve multiple radio systems operating in different frequencies at the same time with the cross-band coupler expansion kit
Unobtrusive UV Protected Radome
• Minimal visual impact
• Maximum vibration absorption
• Ultimate waterproofing with fire rating UL94 HB
Ground Plate-Free
• Fiberglass vehicle rooftop mounting in a mobile radio system
• Ceiling mount in an in-building wireless distribution system
Easy Installation
• One 3/4 inch hole mount
Multiple Connector Options
• N male/female
• BNC male/female
• TNC male/female
 Product Description

Sinclair’s SM700 series multifunctional transport antennas are specifically designed to address the need for compact, low profile, broadband antennas. Designed to withstand harsh environments and constant vibrations without compromising performance, the rugged SM700 series antennas are ideal for vehicular rooftop mounting. When used
with a cross-band coupler, a single antenna can serve multiple discrete RF systems
operating in 694 – 6000 MHz range. The SM700 offers easy installation with just one
¾ inch hole mount and excellent protection against water ingression.

 Ceramic  Combiner – 700 – 800 MHz
 Key Features:

Modular Design
• Up to 12 channels
Compact and Light
• ~ 50% space saving
• 3 – channel unit to fit in 3U high, 12 inch deep envelope
• ~ 50% lighter
• Easy to fit in 19 inch rack

Tx-Tx Spacing
• 150 kHz minimum
Lower Insertion Loss
• 2.3 dB at 150 kHz spacing
Field Tunable

 Product Description

The ceramic combiner uses an ultra high Q ceramic resonator. This simultaniously allows for a very low loss within the combiner and very close spacing between the transmitter frequencies. The compactness of the resonator means that up to 3 channels can fit in a 3U high, 12 inch deep envelope. This combiner comes in 1, 2 and 3-channel modules. Combiners with larger numbers of channels can be built by joining these modules.

 Norsat Announces Narrow-Band Duplexer Series Targeted at Law Enforcement Agencies

The PR4330 is a narrow band 700/800 MHz duplexer that offers ultra-rugged construction, excellent protection from out-of-band frequencies to minimize RF interference and to maintain good signal quality, and excellent temperature compensation to keep stable product performance over a very wide range of temperatures. The ruggedized features of this product are extremely important as high reliability of communications during critical situations is vital to the success of tactical operations.

The Critical Communications World conference was held May 31 – June 2 in RAI Amsterdam and we would like to thank everyone who stopped by the Sinclair Technologies booth! Compared to last year, we felt that the show was much more successful.  The organizers reported a higher attendance and this seemed to be reflected in the increased foot traffic.

Throughout the course of the show there were many people who stopped by the Sinclair booth that were quite interested in our antenna and RF conditioning products. These prospects were predominately from Europe, Middle East, South Africa and Thailand. Attendees were excited about our latest product offerings with a couple past customers coming to the booth hoping to partner with Sinclair again on the next phase of their projects.  This shows the long-term nature of the business especially with larger projects. Read More

More than 1,550 freight and passenger railroaders, transit agencies and supply companies came together for the Railway Systems Supplier 56th annual communications and signaling exhibition and Norsat’s Sinclair Division was also in attendance.

Railway Systems Suppliers Inc. put on a two-day exhibition that featured 193 exhibitors. The event officially kicked off on June 29th with RSSI 2016 Board of Director and President Michael Choat cutting the ribbon dressed in his conductors’ hat and coat and with an emphatic ‘all aboard.’ Read More

APCO 2016 kicked off the Opening General Session in Orlando with Derek Poarch, APCO Executive Director & Chief Executive Officer (CEO) recognizing the first responders from Orlando for their response to the nightclub shooting in June.

APCO 2016 is the premiere event for public safety and you could see that with all the representatives and government officials in attendance like Harris and Motorola, as well as Talley, Tessco and Primus who are key distributors of Sinclair Technologies products.
Read More

Technical Training

Sinclair offers product training for antennas, filter components and filter systems to our customers through in-person group training, on-line training using webinars and through on-line videos.  Click here to contact your local Sinclair sales rep to learn more.

Having trouble tuning your filters or duplexers?

Sinclair Technologies has a video for that! Check out our tuning videos on our Youtube channel!