Base Station Antennas
Sinclair Technologies is recognized globally as an industry leader in the design and manufacture of high quality base station antennas meeting the needs of the most demanding applications in public safety, government, and military applications. Our Base Station product offering consists of a wide range of antenna types and features to meet the exact needs of our customers. These products consist of Collinear, Dipole, Panel, Ground Plane, Corner Reflectors and Yagi types. These antennas have many options like Heavy Duty, PIP, Low PIM, Downtilt, Null Fill, MIMO, Lightning Spike, Bird Cap, mounting options as well as plating, gel coat, and paint options. Many of these antennas offer wide band frequency coverage. Note that not all antennas can have all of the mentioned options.

883 products

Tri-band Omni Antenna, 2dBi, 136 to 960 MHz
Collinear omni, dual port, 4 dBd gain, low PIM, PIP rated, HD, 403-470 MHz
Aurora collinear omni, 6.5 dBd, Low PIM, PIP rated, HD, 746-869 MHz (Successor of SC476 & SC476-E5749 Series)