Dual port 9dBd collinear antenna, 30dB isolation, 746-869 MHz.

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Nominal 9 dBd gain over entire 746-869 MHz range Dual port and heavy duty 500 Watts power handling, -150 dBc PIM rated Top cross bracing is recommended for areas with high wind gusts (model SMK-345-A7)
Performance Features
low pim certified Yes
pip certified No
Antenna Type
collinear Yes
corner reflector No
enclosed dipole No
exposed dipole No
ground No
panel No
stealth No
transportation No
whip No
yagi No
actual shipping weight 119
base pipe diameter 5
base pipe mounting length 26
depth 5
length height 251.5
mounting configurations upright, inverted
mounting hardware optional Clamp006C
radome material fiberglass (UV protected)
shipping dimensions 264x7x7
width 5
average input power max 500
connector 7/16 DIN-Female
frequency range 746 to 869
gain nominal 9
impedance 50
isolation port to port min 30
lightning protection DC ground
pattern Omni- directional
polarization vertical
vertical beamwidth typ 6
vswr max 1.5 : 1

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