Collinear omni, 9.5-10 dBd, HD, 890-940 MHz
Collinear omni, 9.5-10 dBd, HD, 890-940 MHz


Collinear omni, 9.5-10 dBd, HD, 890-940 MHz

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• Gain de 9,5 à 10 dBd avec diagramme omnidirectionnel
• Radôme compact en fibre de verre robuste et léger
• Nous recommandons d'utiliser le kit SMK-325-A3 ou SMK-325-A7 lors d'un montage latéral
• Disponible avec 0-6 degrés d'inclinaison
average input power max (W) 750
connector N-Female
electrical tilt available 0 to 6 degrees
frequency range (MHz) 890 to 940
gain nominal (dBd) 10
impedance (Ω) 50
lightning protection DC ground
pattern Omni-directional
polarization vertical
actual shipping weight (lbs) 66
base pipe diameter 2.88
base pipe material aluminum
base pipe mounting length 24
depth (in) 2.88
length height (in) 190
mounting configurations upright, inverted
mounting hardware included Clamp130
radiating element material aluminum
radome material fiberglass (UV protected)
shipping dimensions (in) 223x4x4
Width (in) 2.88
bending moment 100 mph no ice 420
lateral thrust 100 mph no ice 81
rated wind velocity no ice 185
temperature range (°C) -40 to 60

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