Hybrid System

MSH3 Series

The Mini Hybrid System is a cutting-edge solution designed to simplify the RF combining and duplexing process for applications that require 2-4 RF channels. This innovative system accommodates a wide range of standard frequency sub-bands, channel spacings, and Tx-Rx frequency separations. By utilizing dual-stage isolators and hybrid combining techniques, the Tx combiner ensures exceptional Tx-Tx isolation and minimizes intermodulation impacts. On the Rx side, an ultra-low noise preamplifier with user-selectable gain and outstanding 3OIP performance optimizes system receive sensitivity. With integral high-quality bandpass filtering, the Mini Hybrid System offers high Rx selectivity and excellent Tx-Rx system isolation performance.

Equipped with a compact 19-inch rack design and a range of advanced features such as alarm monitoring and adjustable gain, this system provides a seamless and efficient solution for RF combining needs.

MSH3 Series


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