Article: When Lives Are On The Line, Sinclair’s Got You Covered

Sinclair’s dedication to Mission Critical communications has successfully ensured vital information is readily available at the fingertips of first responders.

For over sixty years, Sinclair Technologies’ high-quality antennas and RF signal conditioning products have been widely deployed in a full range of mission critical communication networks to provide emergency and secure communication service in the public safety field. Besides just producing high-quality products supported by next-generation technology, Sinclair aims to ease the job of first responders in the long term by maximizing their preparedness, enhancing their efficiency and identifying quick, innovative solutions to the problems that they face. Sinclair’s system engineering team designs products tailored to specific needs of paramedics, search and rescue task forces, firefighters, dispatchers, incident commanders, bomb technicians, police forces and multiple other disciplines. Explore five must-have products for everyone working in public safety:

Base Station Antennas

Aurora Antenna

In the area of wireless computer networking, a base station is a radio receiver/transmitter that serves as the hub of the local wireless network and may also be the gateway between a wired network and the wireless network. Every base station is connected to multiple antennas that receive and transmit the signals in the cellular network to phones and devices. Base station antennas must be specially manufactured to be robust, but light-weight at the same time as once installed, they need to have a long life in all environmental conditions. Sinclair’s high-performance base station antennas, namely the SC49C models are high-gain omni-directional antennas across 700/800/900MHz band, and are ideal for public safety. These antennas utilize cutting-edge, field-proven balanced design to deliver an unparalleled combination of higher gain, wider bandwidth, highly consistent RF pattern, all in a small form factor. Designed according to IEC62305 Part 1-4, VDE0855-300, and fulfilling the requirements of lightning protection class II, these antennas are fully DC-grounded and protected with a lightning spike through the top of the radome. The SC49C base station antennas hold an Industry-leading -150dBc PIM rating for low noise characteristics, ideal for trunking systems, with outstanding 220 mph wind rating for harsh environments.


VHF band Antennas

Sinclair’s SD210 family of antennas are often used for mission critical communications in the Very high frequency (VHF) band. With a frequency range between 118 to 225 depending on the model, these one dipole antennas are perfectly suited for multicoupled systems. There is also availability of models that are weather seal boot equipped for ease of connector waterproofing in the field. These antennas enable successful inter-group communications, which are the foundation of any mission critical activity. In modern times, there is constant need to monitor call traffic and data exchange across public safety call groups. This helps authorities get relevant, current information about police, fire or critical medical events that may occur within their jurisdictions. Strong signals supporting live communication is essential for dispatchers or those that might not be the primary support for that event at that moment.


Stealth Mobile Antennas

Due to the global rise in criminal activities and terrorism, public safety has taken center stage for most municipalities and governments. Guaranteeing public safety involves the covert teamwork of multiple organizations including law enforcement, fire departments, emergency management agencies, rescue squads, and emergency medical services. Rather than antennas that are easily noticeable, bulky or attract attention to themselves, there is an increasing demand for not just mobile antennas, but completely concealed stealth antennas for undercover vehicles.  Keeping this in mind, Sinclair developed the compact, low profile SHA111C antenna that is completely hidden. These mobile antennas can be customized to fit into the actual roof rack of any vehicle desired, with just 100 Watts power handling, making it ideal for both covert and overt law enforcement vehicles. The SHA111C waterproofed, camouflaged antenna additionally features fine tuning adjustment, which permits performance optimization during installation. Sinclair Technologies manufactures a variety of mobile antennas in whip or low profile form that can be mounted on the roof, trunk, or engine hood of vehicles.


High Performance Ceramic Combiners

RFC (radio frequency conditioning) products like Sinclair’s TXC Ceramic Combiner Series are an important component of any mission critical system.  Current wireless base stations function in a duplex mode and need a duplexer at the antenna to deliver low insertion loss and high-power capabilities in the transmit mode; and low noise amplification and steep attenuation close to the passband in the receive mode. New duplexer assemblies are aimed at these stringent requirements and makes use of the considerable performance advantage of high quality ceramic combiners. The TXC ceramic combiner, features close frequency spacing and low Insertion loss, ideal for high performance trunking systems, as well as a built-in test port which allows for on-site maintenance without interruption to service and easy re-tuning. This combiner comes in one, two and three channel modules and can be fitted with additional support brackets for use in earthquake or high vibration zones.


Mission Critical Duplexers

Sinclair’s Q301 is a UHF and Tetra base station Duplexer with a reliable, classic design widely used in mission critical, public safety industries. The Q-301 base station duplexer utilizes Sinclair’s Q-circuit design in a 6-cavity configuration to provide very high attenuation at extremely close frequency separation in the 406-512 MHz band. This design provides a quasi-bandpass response, resulting in suppression of spurious and side-band transmitter noise between and adjacent to the duplex frequencies. The Q-302G is available in either rack-mounted or cabinet enclosed, configurations. When called out on an emergency mission, public safety vehicles don’t hang around waiting for instructions – police cars, ambulances and fire engines rush to the scene and Sinclair ensures its products work efficiently to enable smooth operations. In the near future, we will be seeing a growing demand for mission-critical-communications suppliers and organizations like Sinclair are ready to deliver the highest level of coverage, reliability, flexibility and functionality. After all, in a society, the Number One obligation of the government is public safety.

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