Cost effective & robust solutions

Sinclair Technologies has been providing major hydro, electric, and water companies with a full line of antennas, combiners, and filter systems worldwide. Built for performance, Sinclair products have been used in the utilities industry for over 60 years. Reliable with SCADA, AMI, and smart grid communications, Sinclair offers superior products ensuring seamless wireless network performance. Sinclair antennas range from a wide variety of product lines including Yagi, dipole, omni, and multi-band antennas which are all available in low to high frequency bands. Sinclair products are innovative, cost effective, and robust solutions for your communications systems.

Electric Cooperatives, Water & Hydro Companies, Oil & Gas and Major Utilities

Sinclair Technologies has the experience and the product development knowledge to build communication solutions from the ground up. Ideal for applications in major industries, our solutions have been tried and tested by some of the major player on the market and are sure to deliver the ruggedness and reliability necessary for your network.