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Low Profile Ceiling Mount 617-8500 MHz

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Rugged High Gain Antennas for Missional Critical Applications
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Complete solution from emergency response vehicles to communication towers.
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Sinclair Technologies offers integrated solutions for all your wireless needs. From design through to the manufacturing process we follow the highest standards in quality and innovation. Our Products cover greater than 1 GHz, 800 MHz, UHF, VHF, TETRA, 5G and other bands. Having a broad product range enables us to offer our customers complete one-stop solutions for all their communication needs. Whether you are looking for a single antenna or a complete system Sinclair has it all. We offer more than 2,000 different products including Base Station Antennas, Mobile/Transit Antennas, Covert Antennas, 5G Antennas, Filters, Receiver Multicouplers, and Accessories.

We also specialize in developing custom products and systems as per the customer’s unique specifications. Our industry leading designs have set the standards for quality, innovation and durability.


We have been proudly offering the legendary Excelsior family whip antenna line for decades. Now we are rolling out the newest member of the family.

Mobile omni whip antenna, rugged design, tri-band covering 136-960 MHz

  • Multi-band radio support - one antenna that covers VHF/UHF/700/800/900 MHz bands.
  • Long life - rugged construction that features over-molding technology.
  • Stylish and Robust - low profile housing that is not only stylish but also minimizes potential damage from overhangs.

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