Article: Hand-In-Glove With Public Safety At APCO Canada 2018

Sinclair Technologies participated in the APCO Canada 2018 Conference and tradeshow in Montreal, Quebec between November 6-7, 2018.  The team joined leading experts, professional speakers and colleagues representing public-safety communications agencies across Canada in the country’s premier industry event. APCO Canada 2018 proved to be a great learning experience with insightful training sessions, networking and learning opportunities for professionals involved in the public safety and critical communications sector. The event included the trade show, an annual awards gala, annual general meeting, industry-leading educational tracks and panel discussions.

Being a leader in public safety for the past 60 years, Sinclair was proud to be part of APCO Canada 2018. Our team met with important customers, distributors and partners who supply, install and operate emergency communications systems globally, discussing product needs, new technology and challenges. The event opened with two full-day workshops on ‘Active Shooter Incidents for Public Safety Communications’ and ‘Disaster Operations and Communications Centers’. The following days included training on various topics like 9-1-1 quality assurance, change management, indoor network performance, medical call management etc.


At the trade show, we displayed the SC469 collinear omni antenna from our signature Aurora series. Since it was displayed on a truss, customers had a chance to get an up-close and personal look at the antenna. Booth visitors were impressed with the construction, balanced design and low-PIM rating of these antennas. Visitors were pleased to see that with the revolutionary design of the new Aurora antennas, all concerns about tower loading are stories of the past. The fact that the SC469 and SC346 are shorter and lighter is a real game changer. This comes as a reminder that Sinclair is the trusted partner that always listens and delivers beyond expectations. The new SY450-SWBSNM(ABK) 6-element directional Yagi antenna was also a big hit with visitors. Customers praised the seamless, corrosion-resistant anodized aluminum body, which gives this SY Series Yagi a higher durability and longer life. This antenna was a perfect fit for APCO Canada as it fulfilled new-age public safety industry requirements of high-gain, wide-band as well as 100% weather-proof construction. The TXC combiner and Q3220E duplexer also received significant attention at the show.

Hand-In-Glove With Public Safety At Apco Canada 2018

The importance of informing modern public safety communications professionals about their role, and the role of communications centers in disaster operations is more important than ever before. The telecommunicator needs to be familiar not only with man-made or natural disasters, but also how to use superior communications equipment and new technology to deal with these situations. Sinclair aims to provide telecommunicators with the best possible antenna and RF signal conditioning equipment, to provide quick and effective response to disasters. APCO Canada is the most important exhibit of the year in Public Safety. Not only does it give participants the opportunity to reconnect with key stakeholders, discuss industry trends but also-  the profit generated by vendors participation goes to a very noble cause, which is to fund the mental health program aimed to help our “First, Responders” who are dealing with PTSD or other forms of stress related trauma.

Sinclair technologies will continue to work hand-in-hand with the public safety industry, ensuring continuity of service by communication centers even in the midst of any major disaster. We look forward to being an important part of APCO Canada 2019 in Halifax and 2020 in Kelowna as public safety is not just a discussion, but a concern.

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