Article: Powering Up The Utilities Industry With Innovative Communications At UTC 2019

Powering Up The Utilities Industry With Innovative Communications At Utc 2019

UTC Telecom and Technology 2019 was hosted in Fort Worth, Texas this year and Sinclair Technologies had a great time interacting with stalwarts and decision makers in the utilities industry. Held between June 17 – 21, the show was aptly themed ‘at the crossroads of utility education and training.’  The UTC Telecom & Technology Conference was an opportunity for Sinclair to join thousands of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) professionals and technology partners. It is always a great learning experience at UTC as the focus on ‘modernizing utilities’ is not just a concept, but is supported by pre-conference training, summits, and three days of education involving all aspects of the ICT industry. The multi-track sessions covered various utilities topics like:

  • SCADA, AMI & Utility Automation
  • Data, Cloud Computing, Reliable Telecom
  • Converged Systems for Smarter Communities
  • Business Drivers of Telecom Infrastructure
  • Telecom Options for Utility Operations
  • Utility Assets & Broadband Options
  • Connected Security Solutions
  • Utility Spectrum Policies

The Sinclair team received a highly engaging response from the industry especially for the Aurora ™ Series of collinear omni-directional antennas and RADIANT ™ Series of panel antennas. Majority of the Utility Service Providers who visited the booth were involved in the gas, power or water industry, and were looking for antennas to be installed in the utilities grid of specialized communications systems. Few customers that were looking for base station antennas liked the rugged construction and Ultra-Wide Bandwidth of the Aurora series, especially the SC469 and SC499 models. The team also learned about new electric, power and hydro projects that are being planned in North America over the next few years that require high-quality communications equipment like rugged panel antennas. These customers were impressed with the RADIANT’s electrical performance as it is highly stable across the whole operating band enabling excellent gain, beam control, isolation, upper sidelobe suppression, as well as front-to-back ratio. The industry members commended Sinclair’s antenna design as they facilitate easy installation, take up less tower space, lower tower mounting cost and rental fees.

Powering Up The Utilities Industry With Innovative Communications At Utc 2019

At UTC 2019, Sinclair was able to network with customers, understand their unique requirements and present innovative solutions for the utilities industry. The team also interacted with a number of consultants and engineering personnel that are involved with planning and implementing major developments and got an insight into the specifications needed for upcoming projects. Sinclair Technologies pledges to provide the utilities industry with reliable communication equipment for its diverse, remote networks and ensure that water, energy, and power services can be delivered without disruption.

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