Article: Sinclair Enhances Technical Competency Of Partners Through Two-Day Workshop

Sinclair Enhances Technical Competency Of Partners Through Two-Day Workshop

The Sinclair Technologies team conducted a two-day intensive, technical workshop for the Production Electronique team in Quebec.

The antenna and telecommunications industry is rapidly evolving along with new-age technologies and next-generation products being introduced almost every quarter. To ensure our distributors, partners and customers keep up with the absolute latest products and industry trends, Sinclair Technologies regularly conducts webinars, training sessions and workshops. We believe that ongoing technical training and upskilling of the workforce, especially in this industry, can encourage creativity and productivity.

In continuation with Sinclair’s success initiative, the team conducted a two-day training workshop between November 8-9, 2018 in St-Jean sur le Richelieu, Quebec along with distributor Production Electronique (PE). There was a diverse group of 70 attendees involved in various fields like 911 responders, telecommunications, cellular networks, police, transport authorities, and large public safety, antenna and integrated system manufacturers.

The training started with a brief overview on the industry, and Sinclair’s contribution to antenna and RF conditioning products over the past 60 years. The trainers then dove into antenna theory, patterns, types and components. They also explained how antenna properties and propagation characteristics affect communication system performance. This was followed by a brief discussion on the right steps to install antennas and how to test passive intermodulation. Besides quality, the number one specification requested by customers is ‘Low-PIM’ certified antennas and equipment. Hence, the discussion on PIM testing, its relevance in 5G/ TETRA bands, its causes and how to test it was interesting and engaging for all attendees.

The workshop then moved towards more product information on Sinclair’s antennas and RF conditioning products. The training included insight into types of filters for various applications, tuning pre-selector and mobile duplexers, ferrite isolators, circulators and RF Loads. The attendees had a few questions on interference control and common approaches to dealing with it. As a flood of new devices hit enterprise networks, it has become extremely important for network managers to mitigate RF interference by investing in the best quality products. At the same time, user expectations for seamless communication across bands are skyrocketing.

The training ended with a system issues seminar and physical demonstrations of some of Sinclair’s key products, so attendees get a true ‘look-and-feel’ of our high-quality offerings. Technical training is important to all organizations as it not only expands the knowledge base of employees but enables them to be competent and on top of changing industry standards. It also helps their company hold a position as a leader and strong competitor within the industry. If you would like to partner with Sinclair for product or industry training, feel free to contact us for more details.

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