Panel Antennas, Small Cell Antennas, In-building antennas, and more!

Cellular Technology is in constant evolution and to respond to an ever-growing global demand, Sinclair is fully expanding the antenna portfolio with the addition of a new line of cellular antennas that combine innovation and efficiency. From our cutting-edge small cell antennas to a full portfolio of panel antennas, we offer ideal solutions to Telcos and Integrators in need of deploying highly reliable Cellular, LTE, 5G Networks with the unleashed potential for 6G.
Sinclair, a leading manufacturer of antennas and RF conditioning products, is at the forefront of companies engaged in reshaping the global cellular market. Our uniquely designed small cell antennas, constructed from a fully customizable platform, are adding unprecedented value to the product offering. From the network conception to our personalized support pre and post-deployments, our team works with key stakeholders to propose unique antenna solutions that will meet or exceed expectations. At Sinclair, the Spectrum is the limit!

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