Products and solutions tailored for a diverse array of industries

Sinclair’s products have a reputation for high performance, ruggedness, durability and value, honed over more than 70 years in the communications industry. From Utilities, transportation, public safety and natural resources, our antennas and components have been successfully deployed all over the world in different sorts of extreme environments.

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Public Safety

Sinclair’s high-quality antennas and RF signal conditioning products have been widely deployed in a full range of mission critical communication networks to provide emergency and secure communication service in public safety fields including Fire, Medical, Police and other government agencies.

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Sinclair’s antennas are low profile for discreet implementation and can fit into virtually any type of land mobile, transit, or transport vehicles. These antennas are designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions ensuring there is no service interruption. Sinclair antenna and filter products provide solutions for data collection, tracking and controlling on a real-time basis.

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Sinclair Technologies has been providing major hydro, electric, and water companies with a full line of antennas, combiners, and filter systems worldwide. Reliable with SCADA, AMI, and smart grid communications, Sinclair offers superior products ensuring seamless wireless network performance.

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Natural Resources

Sinclair’s heavy-duty RF antennas and conditioning products can withstand extreme environmental conditions found in natural resource industries such as forestry, wind, mining, and oil and gas. As the global leader in the manufacture and distribution of high-quality RF antennas and conditioning products, Sinclair offers seamless solutions ensuring communications are never cut short.

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DAS In-Building

DAS (Distributed Antenna System) consists of a network of antennas that are spaced separately and connected to a common source able to provide wireless and radio coverage within buildings. Uninterrupted inbuilding coverage is critical for daily business and personal communications, as well as in emergency response. Partner with Sinclair Technologies for DAS installation in buildings where confined areas require radio coverage for single or multiple services

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