Article: Sinclair Introduces Next-Gen Solutions For The Wireless Industry At IWCE 2019

IWCE 2019 (International Wireless Communications Expo) is the premier event for organizations and professionals involved with critical communications technology and served as the perfect platform for Sinclair Technologies to launch our new wave of next-generation products. The show took place between March 4-8, 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada and included a five-day comprehensive conference program, workshops, short courses, power sessions and training.​ IWCE 2019 was a landmark event for Sinclair as it enabled networking with over 7000 industry peers face-to-face, and confirmed our leadership in developing innovative antennas, RF signal conditioning products and wireless solutions for applications like public safety, government and critical Infrastructure.

Sinclair Introduces Next-Gen Solutions For The Wireless Industry At Iwce 2019

The IWCE 2019 conference tracks and panel discussions were enriching and covered a host of topics including 911 & Emergency Communications, Network Infrastructure, Planning and Preparation, FirstNet & Public Safety Broadband, Connectivity, Cybersecurity, Disaster Comms and much more. As part of the Planning and Preparation Track, Sinclair’s Systems Engineering Manager Jim Reville presented on ‘Planning a New or Upgraded Radio System’. The panel shed light on system lifecycle and needs assessment in the radio industry.

Sinclair Introduces Next-Gen Solutions For The Wireless Industry At Iwce 2019

Sinclair Introduces Next-Gen Solutions For The Wireless Industry At Iwce 2019

Planning and building Radio systems is not a one-size-fits-all process. Every design is unique as organizations are different, so implementation needs to be carried out based on stakeholder requirements. Sinclair explained the importance of regular validation, verification and feedback in the systems design and building process. In the past few years, especially in the LMR industry, there has been an increasing trend towards moving from hardware centric to software focused systems, as open systems allow different infrastructure to support best practices. The session was concluded with two important take-aways:

  • Identifying maintenance costs upfront is critical to better planning life cycle maintenance and source funding for the same.
  • Systems need to be flexible to allow change in the future, radio system planners should get educated and keep themselves abreast with new technologies in the market.

During the show, Sinclair successfully launched two major products – the TRANSeon™ Series of mobile antennas for transportation applications, and the RADIANT™ Series of next-gen panel antennas. Both of these new product series were showcased to our customers, partners, distributors and stalwarts from the wireless industry. Customers who have been patrons of Sinclair’s mobile antennas like Excaliber and Excelsior series praised the new TRANSeon series as they are even more rugged, low-profile, high-performance antennas that cover all the frequency bands for VHF, UHF, 2G/2.5G/3G/4G, and Wi-Fi communications between 100MHz and 6GHz depending on the model selected. The RADIANT series of panel antennas received a lot of attention from customers for its ruggedness, outstanding electrical performance, flexible configurations, beam width options, PIP and null fill. Sinclair’s auto-tunable combiner video demo received significant attention from booth visitors as it is a unique product integrated with a control unit which constantly detects the input Tx frequencies, and automatically re-tunes the corresponding combiner channel to the appropriate frequency. Customers were impressed as this helps keeping insertion loss at a minimum and achieving exceptional performance. Many of Sinclair’s partners like Talley and TESSCO also displayed and promoted Sinclair’s new products at their booth – No matter where visitors turned, they were exposed to Sinclair’s innovative products at every step.

Besides the product launches on display at the booth, there was an array of products like the Aurora SC Series of collinear omni antennas, SY Series of Yagi antennas, cavity filters, duplexers, and receiver multicouplers. To get a brief recap regarding the specs of products exhibited, visit our product portfolio now!

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