Sinclair’s GPS Antennas Captivate Visitors At The 58th Annual RSSI C&S Exhibition

Sinclair’s Gps Antennas Captivate Visitors At The 58th Annual Rssi C&S Exhibition

Sinclair Technologies joined forces with the Railway Systems Suppliers, Inc. and participated in the 58th Annual RSSI C&S Exhibition. It was held between May 21st to 24th, 2018 at the CenturyLink Center in Omaha, NE.

For fifty-eight years, RSSI has established itself as the premier show in the rail and rail transit, communication and signal industry. With dedication from partners like Sinclair, railroad attendees, and board members, this year was one of the biggest events with over 290-member companies. The 2018 RSSI C&S Exhibition was important for Sinclair as it was the only event focusing on bringing C&S suppliers together with their rail and rail transit customers.

Sinclair’s Gps Antennas Captivate Visitors At The 58th Annual Rssi C&S Exhibition

The event began with a PTC Regulations and Approach to Compliance Inspections seminar. This panel discussion was facilitated by the FRA Office of Safety, PTC and S&TC Divisions. It was an insightful opportunity for C&S rail and transit managers and suppliers to have input into the development of Compliance Manuals PTC systems. The highlight of the show was the announcement that Wabtec will be purchasing General Electric’s Transportation division. Sinclair had a successful run at the event as we showcased our products, services and technology. Many participants mentioned that they visited our booth as a means to keep up-to-date with new antenna and RF signal conditioning products, as Sinclair is the world leader.

With over 60 years of transportation communications on a global scale, Sinclair demonstrated its product line and technical experience to everyone at the RSSI C&S Exhibition. Most attendees were interested in our ST Series rail antennas, which are built to operate in extreme conditions like harsh weather, high-speed travel, and vibration. It was surprising for some to learn that Sinclair is the inventor of the Excaliber model of rail antennas, which are recognized as the standard component for railway communications worldwide. At the Sinclair booth, we featured some of our key products targeted at the rail and transportation market including the SM202-SF1, SM2600D and SM600.

Along with live demonstrations on how our products work, we also displayed an individual stand-alone GPS unit exclusively for the transportation market for the first time. The future for antennas are products that are low profile for discreet implementation, that can fit into virtually any type of land mobile, transit, or transport vehicles. Sinclair continuously innovates to stay abreast of the antenna and filter product requirements, and provide solutions for data collection, tracking & controlling on a real-time basis, and supporting multiple services.

This was indeed, a high-profile trade show for the Rail community and we were glad we could be on-board. We hope to see you again at the next RSSI C&S Exhibition!

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