IntelliTUNE™ Series

Introducing the Sinclair IntelliTUNE™ Series of Auto Tunable Combiners, a groundbreaking solution equipped with an integrated control unit for seamless autonomous frequency tuning. This innovation minimizes return loss and optimizes overall performance, offering versatile applications to meet the unique requirements of our customers. The auto-tunable combiner showcases superior features, including a high unloaded quality factor, an expansive tuning range, exceptional linearity, robust power handling capabilities, lightweight and compact design, and unmatched reliability. Connectivity is simplified with remote control and system monitoring via an Ethernet/IP connection. An integrated, user-friendly web-based GUI facilitates effortless on-site configuration and remote access.

 The IntelliTUNE™ series encompasses TJA2, TJA3, and TJA4 combiners. These three series cover all public safety frequencies from 132 to 869 MHz, forming a complete family for all mission-critical applications. Notably, the compact design of the TJA3 and TJA4 models ensures seamless integration, easily fitting a 2-channel module into a standard 4U high, 19-inch rack.

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Spec Sheets

TJA2 Series

Auto tune combiner, Dual-stage isolator, 19" rack mount,
132-174 MHz.

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TJA3 Series

Auto-tunable combiner, dual-stage isolator, 19" rack mount,
320-512 MHz

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TJA4 Series

Auto-tunable combiner, dual-stage isolator, 19" rack mount,
763-869 MHz

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