The New Tri-band Whip Antenna

SW-2340(X)-(Y) Mobile Omni Whip Antenna

Sinclair’s SW series features an optimized mechanical design based upon years of market study and customer feedback for outstanding reliability. The materials used mean the SW series is extremely rugged and extends the operating temperature range, from -45 to +60 Celsius degrees, allowing the antenna to be used in a wide range of environments and applications. The fittings are constructed of stainless steel to inhibit rust and corrosion and are molded into the housing without glue or fasteners to ensure a long-lasting and reliable product, even in severe environments.

We are now happy to introduce the newest member of the SW family, the SW-2340(X)-(Y)!

SW-2340(X)-(Y) Mobile Omni Whip Antenna - Rugged design, tri-band covering 136-960 MHz


Multi-band radio support - One antenna covers VHF/UHF/700/800/900MHz bands

Long-life - Rugged construction that features over-molding technology

Stylish and robust - Low profile housing, stylish and functional design that minimizes potential damage from overhangs

Two finishes available - black and stainless steel


New Mobile Omni Whip Antenna

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