5 in 1 transit antenna, low profile, customizable


5 in 1 transit antenna, low profile, customizable

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• 5 element antenna, one 220MHz PTC, dual 694-2700 MHz full band, one GNSS and one WiFi The 694-2700 MHz twin elements are expandable for multiple radio system or diversity uses A maximum height of 4-1/4 inches complies with restriction for locomotives and other vehicles Black weather resistant and fire rated radome provides excellent environmental protection

average input power max (W) 5~125
bandwidth f2 2006
bandwidth f3 2006
connectors PTC=NF, CELL=NF, WiFi=NF, GPS=SMA-male
frequency range 1 f1 219 to 223
frequency range 2 f2 694 to 2700
frequency range 3 f3 694 to 2700
frequency range 4 f4 2400 to 6000
gain nominal (dBd) Unity
gnss current consumption typ 20
gnss frequency 1559-1606
gnss noise figure typ 2
gnss output impedance 50
gnss out of band rejection 1 >40dB @ <1500MHz
gnss out of band rejection 2 >45dB @ <1525MHz
gnss out of band rejection 3 >45dB @ >1630MHz
gnss peak gain >=4.5
gnss polarization RHCP
gnss power gain typ 30
gnss supply voltage range 16-Mar
impedance (Ω) 50
input vswr 1 nominal 1.5:1
input vswr 2 nominal 1.5:1
input vswr 3 nominal 1.5:1
input vswr 4 nominal 1.5:1
lightning protection DC ground
pattern Omni- directional
pattern f2 Omni
pattern f3 Omni
pattern f4 Omni
polarization vertical
actual shipping weight (lbs) 16.3
ground plane min 36x48
height (in) 4.25
length (in) 20.88
radome color Black
radome material UV protected ABS
shipping dimensions (in) 23x14x10
Width (in) 11.5
horizontal wind resistance 5.03lb@100mph
temperature range (°C) -40 to 60

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